Friday, August 31, 2012

Katie and Alec

I had the pleasure of photographing Katie and Alec this summer. They were just such a delight to work with. In the short amount of time I spent with them, I could tell they both have a wonderful sense of humor. I asked Katie to write up some information about herself and Alec. Here is what she gave me:

"Well we meet in high school at Cross Country practice. He was a junior and I was a sophomore. The first moment I saw him I knew there was something about him that I was attracted to. I became the tennis manager that same year, and we started to become great friends. We texted everyday for two years, then finally we started dating. To this day we consider each other a best friend.

Alec is attending East Central University. He will be a junior this year and finishing his undergrad in Business. His family has always been in love with tennis, so he plays for the tennis team at the University as well.

I am attending Midwestern State University this year, after attending Sam Houston State last year. I currently have no major though.

Alec and I are very big on traveling to visit one another in college. We also like to visit our families and go on trips with them. During all our trips together, we’ve had tons of fun. There is never a dull moment between us. We are always laughing with and at each other."

Here are some of my favorite photos from their photo shoot.  Enjoy!

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