Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Help Our Furry Friends!

Many people do not realize that the Lamar County Humane Society and the Animal Shelter (located by the Fairgrounds) are actually two different entities!!! Even though they share the same building, the Shelter is run by the City of Paris and has a few paid employees. They have Control Officers (and Tech Assistants) who are responsible for picking up animals when calls come in. They do the paperwork (which is enormous), reception work, answering the phone, and take care of the basic necessities of all the animals such as cleaning cages, feeding and the general health/well being of animals. Unfortunately, the budget does not cover enough man-power and that is where the LCHA comes in to help. The LCHA is made up of many volunteers. Their duties include assisting in the cleaning of cages and feeding of all the animals. They also have individuals who will walk dogs, play with the various animals and give them as much loving as possible. I specifically work in the Cat and Kitten rooms. We clean the cages daily, provide fresh food and water, fresh litter, fresh blankets, and supply them with toys!!! We also monitor their health and do the basics as necessary. Of course we spend a lot of time LOVING on the cats and kittens, which most ALL of the Volunteers do with ALL the animals at the Shelter. That alone is a very important and time consuming job! The LCHA also tries to educate people on the importance of having pets spayed and neutered - the constant flow of our four-legged friends which come in each day shows that people are NOT doing this! The LCHA also hold Pet Adopt-athons almost every Saturday at various locations - many times at Petco where we also have the privilege of putting some of our nicer cats and kittens on display on a regular basis and their employees look after them. Fortunately they have a very successful adoption rate. They also have a Fostering Program where people can save animals by fostering them at home while trying to find them permanent homes at the same time. We have one person who specifically deals with rescuing and fostering the dogs, as well as one main person who does the same for the cats. The Shelter is open weekdays from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM and on Saturday you can see them at various locations as advertised, or at the Shelter from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers!!!! Many people have said they could not do it because it would be too hard emotionally or they would want to take all the animals home. It's not as bad as people think......playing with these babies, giving them some love is SO important and I have found it emotionally and spiritually fulfilling!!! 5 minutes of loving is better than nothing!!! Visit the Shelter - of visit the Lamar County Humane Association Facebook page for more information.
Thank you.
Alan Jones

Here is the link to the Lamar County Humane Association: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lamar-County-Humane-Association/140587172654934?ref=ts&fref=ts

Here are some sweet photos from their Facebook page. Some of these animals might have already been adopted. 

Thank you so much, Alan, for providing me with such a special article!

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